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Rain Did Not Ruin Picnic at Moscow for Picnic

Moscow Station and Freight House hosted the Chapter's "Picnic" Meeting. Some real good downpours did not stop Chapter Members and guests from having fun.

This year we missed the run of the D-L, as they were by the Station around mid-morning.

Model Train Layout at Moscow Station

Vee Pauli makes remarks before the meeting.

Vee Pauli Makes Remarks Before Meeting

Rob Davis and Friends. Rob presented a computer slide show on Milk Train Railroading, studing all the developments in Milk production and Milk cars and it demise as truck traffic took over.

The second slide show was Bethlehem Steel just before it was shut down. Featured was some of the plants broad and narrow gauge lines, special equipment like the "Charging Larrys"  used to move material around the plant and some of the football shaped cars used to hold the molten metal. These cars were actually lined with firebrick like a steam locomotive's firebox.

Also some very good shots of the plant while it was still in operation. The machinery and equipment in some places were huge.

Rob Davis And Friends

Chapter Members eat a Picnic Lunch

Picnic Lunch

Picnic Lunch

Rainy Day at Moscow

Rainy Moscow

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