Lackawanna and Wyoming Valley RHS



Prospect Viaduct Site

Bridge removed in late 1980's

Prospect Viaduct Site

A 2004 view of the Prospect Viaduct Site. Almost all traces of it are gone as the land has been graded to a new contour. This picture was taken in the parking lot on the other side of the new commercial development shown in the above picture. A slight hill before the Cross Valley Expressway is the only trace to be found.

The viaduct cut diagonally from the right foreground of this picture, across River Street.


Prospect Viaduct Site

River Street Relocation, 2011

In 2011, River Street is being relocated across this area of the former Prospect Viaduct as a new road bridge is being built. A modern deck bridge will replace the steel beam bridge that looks a lot like a railroad trestle.


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