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Laurel Lines, Our Chapter Newsletter

"Laurel Lines" is the official newsletter of the Lackawanna and Wyoming Valley Rail Historical Society. The newsletter is named after the Laurel Line, an electric interurban line that promised "Fast, frequent service between Wilkes-Barre and Scranton". The Laurel Line also hauled freight throughout the region.

The title bars on this web site were inspired by the last color scheme that the Laurel Line cars were painted in. The carbody was painted a bright red. The lettering was a cream color, and a thin blue stripe accented the side of the car.

We remember the Laurel Line, the Chapter's namesake through its logo, the three rails surrounded by the Laurel leaves and its colors. Recall that two rails were for the locomotives and rolling stock to ride on and the third rail supplied the power. Some areas used overhead wires instead of the third rail.

Laurel Line Car Passing Million Dollar Coaster at Rocky Glen Park

Here is the cover of the 1999 calendar showing a Laurel Line car passing the roller coaster at Rocky Glen Park in Moosic, PA. Photo by Ed Miller.

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