Lackawanna and Wyoming Valley RHS



2015 Chapter Officers :


Vee Pauli

Vice President

Robert Andres

General Treasurer

Ed Zech *
Secretary Ken Kertesz
Historian Neil Weinberg

National Representive


* Ed Zech serves as Board Chairman


2015 Board Of Directors, In Addition to the 6 Chapter Officers :


Ed Zech

Board Member / Immediate Past President Paul Hart

Board Member

Norm Barrett

Board Member

Joe Boshek
Board Member Jim Kilcullen
Board Member Carl Packer
Board Member Bob R. Young

2015 Committee / Appointments (Not Officers) :

Membership Chairman Co-Chairmen

Paul Hart

Ken Kertz

Program Chairman Kelvin Shultes
Station Master Roy Pauli
Calendar Jim Kilcullen
Newsletter Editor / Web Master Mike Rushton
3713 Restoration Manager Carl Packer
3713 Web Master Rob Davis
3713 Restoration Treasurer Mike Castellano



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