Lackawanna and Wyoming Valley RHS



September 2008

The LHVA B&M 3713 Grant

On the 25th of September, we received an $18,000 matching grant from the Lackawanna Valley Heritage Authority

This funding was sponsored in part by the Lackawanna Heritage Valley Authority in partnership with the Pennsylvania Department of Conservation and the National Park Service.

This grant is for the B&M 3713 to fabricate two inside firebox sheets. This will move out project ahead so we could move on to the running gear restoration.

The fabrication of the firebox sheets will start in the next 6 months. The two hardest firebox sheets are to be out sourced. The other 3 remaining firebox sheets will be made at the NPS Steamtown Site by contractors we hired.

The two contractors that we hired will be kept working in our area on the 3713 project. This will keep our project of restoring the 3713 to operationg condition and keep the project moving ahead.

- Carl Packer, Project Coordinator
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