Lackawanna and Wyoming Valley RHS



January 2008

On January 2, 2008, the L&WV RHS hired Michael J. Tillger as Locomotive Restoratation Contractor to do a boiler survey and repairs.

The project includes :

  1. Confirm the blue prints to the actual dimensions and original design flaws on the Locomotive Boiler.
  2. Give the information to a PEĀ engineer to survey the calculations for the inital form 4.
  3. Make repairs to the locomotive boiler after a plan is developled for repairs.
  4. Finish the work on the mud ring and other repairs.

Michael J. Tilger was a locomotive restoration mechanic and lead mechanic for PRRĀ K4 1361 Project. Tillger worked for RMDI, repairing and overhauling diesel-electric locomotives and rail cars. He also worked for the Reading and Northern Railroad as Supervisor Of Locomotives and Rolling Stock.

Charles Rice III, the second contractor was hired on January 2008. Rice will help weld, fabricate a firebox, mud ring and othe repairs on the locomotive. Rice worked on the PRR K4 1361 project as a welder and fabricator.

Both contractors will be with the project for 1-2 years.

LW&WV RHS Project Manager

Carl Packer

(570) 378-2420


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